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Friends of Ferals is a Pro-life, Non-Profit Organization, which focuses on the plight of feral, unwanted and abandoned cats in and around Centurion. Our main objective is our SAFER initiative for cats; Sterilization, Awareness, Feeding programmes, Education and Rehabilitation and Re-homing.

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We Trap Neuter and Return all ferals members of a colony in order to prevent further breeding. We encourage and guide businesses, shopping centres, housing complexes, factories and industrial areas to have the attitude of embracing their working ferals by providing regular sustenance. In return for shelter and food the controlled feral colony will discourage new members from joining the colony, and they will keep work, kitchen, loading zones and garbage areas vermin free.


To create awareness of the massive over-population, and plight of feral and stray cats, through visibility and interaction with the pubic at Markets, Shopping malls, Fund Raisers and Animal related Events. To impress upon the public that the shooting, poisoning and mass euthanasia of healthy feral and stray cats, are vile, inhumane acts against innocent creatures and should no longer be tolerated by the public. There is a proven solution to controlling and monitoring feral colonies.

Rehabilitate and Rehome

All new-intakes to the shelter are rescued cats from TNR (Trap Neuter and Return) programmes, who are tame adult domestics cats, at times injured, ill or pregnant, who have been abandoned, or had got lost. Feral kittens and dumped tame kittens are rescued, and taken to shelter and fostered till ready for adoption. We are their only voice, these unwanted, abandoned, dumped and tame domestic cats who are in dire need of a safe haven.


We specialize in caring for geriatric, special needs and super-fussy cats at our boarding facility Cottage Cats. Each indoor Mew has a corresponding roofed and secured, outdoor Mew where your kitty can choose between lazing inside or outside. We are passionate about cats and know that each one is an unique individual, who is an irreplaceable companion and family member and the best will be done at all times for every guest.


We have a number of interactive lessons for learners of various ages, to educate them on what responsible pet ownership means, how to handle, care for and pick up a kitten, fun facts about cats, what is a feral cat, and why cats are important in our society. We offer these talks to Pre-schoolers, Primary and High School learners on-site at their learning centres. These talks are also offered at the shelter to small groups of 10 to 25 learners or children at a time. Bookings are essential.

Learners Community Project Hours
We offer to all students a structured programme to fulfil their required Course Community Hours at shelter.

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Our Mission

Friends of Ferals is a Pro-life, Non-Profit Organization, which focuses on the plight of feral cats, living in and around housing complexes, business parks, office complexes and industrial areas in and around Centurion.

The over-population of ferals is at a phenomenal all-time high. One unsterilized female cat and her offspring can produce 60 000 offspring over 5 years.


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